July 05, 2012

The Cookout That Wasn't

Yesterday was the Fourth of July and each year a group of friends and I normally get together and cookout. We have done that for the past 4 years.  When I spoke to the friend who normally hosts the gathering it was on as of two weeks ago.  Well, I thought I had missed an email about the time.  I had talked to my daughter and we were all excited about going to the picnic in the days before.  I even got food for it.  We were going to take butterfly pork chops to grill.  My desert was going to be fruit pizza.

Well, I had touched based with others in our group and no one knew the time.  The morning of July 4th...I would say about 10am, I texted my friend to ask what time the festivities begin.  Well, as it turned out, it was the picnic cookout that kind of dissolved!  What to do.  Well, quick thinking and my daughter and I go to plan B.  I told her that no cookout this year.  She was disappointed.  So was I.  

I cooked up a great dinner at home.  Grilled pork chops, seasoned rices, rabe and of course the fruit pizza.  I had gone to the library earlier in the week and checked out the movie Independence Day.  We had a good day and later last night one of my group suggested we go downtown to the marina and view one of the many firework displays that were being held around the city.  We had a wonderful sea breeze and a front row seat to the fireworks.

Plan B was just as good as Plan A.  It was a great day!  A great 4th of July with a special friend that was just a good as the normal large and rowdy crowd!


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