July 13, 2012

Olympic Uniforms Made in China

Full story on CNN here:

I do believe it is an epic failure that the Olympic uniforms are made in China. I know that everything else in the world is just about made in China but there should have been special attention given to the Olympic uniforms.  Surely there was someone on the planning committee who thought of this.  Apparently Ralph Lauren has had past uniforms made in China too.  Seems like with all the social notice and movement for products "made in america" a concession should have been made.  This was a missed opportunity for American workers to shine.  There are enough grass roots and mom and pop uniform shops that this could have been farmed out and we could have proper uniforms that the participants would be prouder to wear.  Can they start over?  Should they start over?  Is there time? There may not be time for the opening ceremonies but surely something can be done for the closing.   


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