April 24, 2007

War of the Ginger Snap

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Ginger snaps by the bag in the cabinet for all.

Over three days I noticed the bag gonig soft, getting stale.

Eating began, just a few a day.

Gingersnaps gone.


Good thing as the one who owned was complaining about her weight.

Happiness should be the thing as the ginger snaps were gone.

Instead, confrontation...Who ate the snaps.

I confessed eating only the last 10 or so, soft and about to go stale.

Confrontation...I was eating them slowly a few at a time.


I would buy more.

Have they been touched?


Confrontation just for confrontation sake.

I will not let the bag go bad.

I will not buy anymore.

Snaps have been replaced so eat up crazy!

Eat your crazy snaps!

Make it quick or I will snap!



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