August 18, 2008

Coffee Wars Continue

Snapshots In My Time...
Of My Time.....Hauntings.

Well, there seems to be no end to the coffee wars here at work. What is the thing to do so that you do not have to make another pot of coffee for our office....leave 2 cups. Never take the last 2 cups. We all have to have travel mugs so that the carpet does not get messed up. So leaving 2 cups will fill one travel mug. This morning I made 2 pots. Someone had left the last 2 cups and I took in when I came in, so that was the first pot.

The big boss filled his mug and just left the pot. I guess we little minions can't tell him to make a pot. I made another. And can we say how disgusting it is to hear someone slurping coffee???? Who drinks like that? Only one person in this office and today I could take it no more. I told her to stop slurping her coffee. She then asked me if I had a problem with her. I told her no. I had no problem with her. I told her I had a problem with her etiquette. She just looked at me. She slurped on. The war continues.


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